Ditch the Workout...Join the Party!

What is a Zumba fitness class like? It's a very exciting dance party atmosphere full of Latin and international music. You'll forget you're working out with the sexy but simple moves to dance music like Cha Cha, Salsa, reggaeton, rumba and more. Best of all, you don't need any previous dance experience!

It's fun and effective, using interval training combining fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout while at the same time targetting your legs, abs, glutes and arms.

The workout is basically watch and follow. The moves are repeated often enough for you to catch on and they're not complicated. The routines are repeated week after week with additions every now and then to spice things up even more!

According to the Zumba website, "Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be 'FUN AND EASY TO DO' in order for Zumba participants to stick to the Zumba fitness program to achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is not only great for the body, but it is also great for the mind. It is a 'feel happy' workout."

Zumba is very infectious and is definitely the latest, most exciting fitness sensation! What a fun way to workout to lose weight or just become a healthier new you - you'll love the results. Be sure to bring your family and friends to be a part of the Zumba Fitness party! Check out the Zumba website here for more info: http://www.zumba.com/. Happy Zumba-ing :-)

Zumba with Heather: http://www.energiezumba.com

The Zumba Cheeseburger Puff Transforms Before my Eyes!

I found this post this morning - what a wonderful outlook she has!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night I went back to Zumba. I love it. I really enjoy moving and rotating the hips and just finding the beat and dancing. Last night I was dancing away and looking at the HUGE wall mirrors trying to coordinate my feet and my hands without falling over and I see myself...This seemingly ginormous cheeseburger looking fat...top bun my roll of boobage triple bagged...meat my top roll of belly fat and then bottom bun my bottom roll of belly fat...just jiggling and bouncing away as I try to keep up w/ these thin and fit girls in the class. And to top it off my skin has become deathly pale since moving to South Dakota 6 years ago and not being outside like I used to while all these girls are nicely tanned....I didnt stop and cry like I wanted to but laughed....laughed at how ridiculously I must look but how awesome I am for keeping up w/ these girls. I laughed as I kicked higher and worked harder and smiled wider because I felt good in my body. And it changed. My body or the way I saw my body in those mirrors changed...those fat rolls were just covering my abs that I was working hard at and I could see them melting off and my body became something I was proud of. It was what I saw and what became my reality. A beautiful body that I am working towards, a healthy body that I deserve, a fit body that can out zumba out run out machine of death most anyone I know. I am so proud of myself for continuing on this journey even as I feel like all the weight could jump back on my body over a weekend. When I arrive at the gym w/ my stuffy sinus and my hungry tummy and pop a piece of gum and tell myself to just run I am proud of myself. This is why I am here. This is why my journey is not a DIET but changing my life back to what I was when I was active and fit. I am so happy and proud of myself. Thank you all my spark buddies for sharing this journey with me. You all inspire me!

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